Chief Administrative Officer

By and large, this Second Five Year Local Government Development Plan is a product of concerted efforts of several stakeholders at various levels. 1

I owe tribute to the National Planning Authority for providing the Planning Guidelines and technical support that facilitated the process for formulation of the Five year Local Government Development Plan. Indeed, the aforementioned support eased what appeared to be a complex mandate.

Equally, I thank GAPP – a USAID funded organization for the technical support provided to the District Technical Planning Committee and Lower Local Government Technical staff during the formulation of this Development Plan.

I acknowledge the input and participation of Lower Local Governments right from the village level, Civil Society Organizations and other Development partners who made significant contribution during the plan formulation process.

I appreciate the enormous contribution made by the District Technical Planning Committee, the Standing Committees, the District Executive Committee and the District Council during the plan formulation process.  Indeed the team spirit exhibited by the aforementioned organs of council eased what ought to have been a much complex process.

I am also greatly indebted to those stakeholders who participated in the District Planning Conference whose outputs fed into this Local Government Development Plan.

I appreciate the commitment of the District Planning Unit for amalgamating the views from the various consultative processes into this plan.

Finally, I thank all those stakeholders whose support was less direct but no less significant during the formulation process of this Plan.

Chief Administrative Officer