District Chairperson

Local Governments Act, CAP 243 devolves planning powers to Local Councils in their areas of jurisdiction. The Act was amended to include Subsection 35(4) which states that “The planning period for Local Governments shall be the same as that of the Central Government”. It is in accordance with these statutory requirements that this Second Five Year Local Government Development Plan was approved by the District Council on 31st March 2015 vide Minute 138/KDLC/03/2015.

The District vision is “a prosperous population with a good standard of living and functional skills for sustainable development” and will be achieved through coordinated delivery of services focusing on National priorities and significant local needs in order to accelerate sustainable development in the District. In line with the National Development Plan, the theme of this plan is “Strengthening the Competitiveness of the District for Wealth Creation, Inclusive Growth and Employment”.

Since the creation of the District in March 1991, tremendous development has been realized. However, there is a set of the most binding constraints that still undermine development in the district namely; poor road network, inadequate staffing especially in Health, Education and Production departments, inadequate funding, low quantity and quality of social services (Education, Health and water), low agricultural production, productivity and limited access to markets, high population growth rate, degradation of natural resources, negative cultural perceptions and gender imbalances and a weak private sector. These constraints, interalia, present the need for coherent and poverty focused approaches to planning that will address the felt needs of the people in the district in an effective and efficient manner.

During the plan period, the key priority areas of the district will be Primary Education, Production, Health, Roads, water, Lower Local Government Development and support to community initiated income generating projects with due consideration to the marginalized groups like the Youths, Women, Persons with disabilities and the older persons.

In view of promoting Local Economic Development, the plan implementation modality will involve a quasi market approach which includes a mix of government investments in strategic areas and private sector market driven actions. The Private sector will remain the engine of growth and development, while the local Government, in addition to undertaking the facilitating role will also actively promote and encourage Public – private partnerships in a rational manner. The District will also pursue out ward oriented policies by encouraging investors from outside the district on top of promoting investors within the district.

In order to fast track the set objectives, I call upon the central Government, donor fraternity, Civil Society Organisations, cultural institutions, Faith Based Organisations, the private sector and the entire district community to adopt a “business approach” in the implementation of this Plan. This approach will require all stakeholders to adjust to the perception of the district as a “corporate” or a “business entity”, jointly owned by all stakeholders and working in tandem in pursuit of a common vision.

This Development plan has got in built mechanisms for sustainability of the existing projects and the investments to accrue from the plan. I strongly re iterate our commitment towards operation and maintenance of the projects therein so as to benefit the current and future generations.

The District leadership is committed to regular monitoring of the implementation of the plan within the Framework for promotion of good governance and anti - corruption. The lessons learned from the monitoring and evaluation activities shall be translated into improved performance of the Plan as we move towards realization of our vision.


Amara Peter


District Chairperson