District Youth Council in session

Community Based Services Department (CBSD) is one of the departments of the district that is charged with the development of communities through bridging the gag that exist between different spheres of life so as to attain gender equity and social inclusion. The department achieves this through mobilization, empowerment and providing of welfares services to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community such as; the youth, women, people with disabilities (PWDs), Orphans, vulnerable children, and the elderly among others. 

The Department is composed of different sub-sectors that include;

  • Probation and Social Welfare Sub-sector
  • Gender Mainstreaming and Women Empowerment Sub-sector
  • Labour, Industrial Relations & Productivity Sub-sector
  • Vulnerability Councils such as the Youth, Women, PWDs, and the Elderly.
  • Other special programmes include; Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP), Youth Livelihood Support (YLP), Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment (SAGE).

Key Objectives for the Department

       I.            Increased proportion of families, citizens and communities informed about national and community programmes.

    II.            Increased social cohesion and civic competence (participation in government programmes, values, social justice-equity, access, participation and rights, knowledge and skills-functional literacy).

 III.            Increased proportion of labour force transitioning into gainful employment and enterprise development.

 IV.            Reduced gender gap index.

    V.            Increased spirit of accountability and transparency.


 VI.            Key Outcomes of the Department

  1. Improved social protection of the citizenry in Kibaale District.
  2. Increased labour productivity levels in the district thereby creating more job opportunities and expanding the labour force.
  3. Increased uptake of development programs and/or utilization of public services (education, health, child protection etc.) at the community and district level.
  4. Improved levels of civic competences among community members.