Kibaale- Kyebando- Pachwa road open to traffic after rehabilitation

Following the traffic guidelines Kibaale Police issued on Kibaale- Kyebando- Pachwa road after Mbaya Runaku stream burst its banks in the month of April 2024, as a result of heavy rains, the road has been opened for use after the completion of the rehabilitation work.


The completion of restoration works of the damaged spot at the Mbaya Runaku stream by UNRA saw the road fully re-opened for use.


Godwin Angalia the Resident District Commissioner said that the danger the river posed to the former users had been suppressed giving credit to government for its efforts to restore the road.


It can be remembered that in April this year river Mbaya on Kibaale-Kyebando-Pachwa road burst its banks causing a halt in traffic


“Those who have been using the other long routes to access their destinations, can now use this road” Kibaale RDC Godwin Angalia Kasigwa,noted.


Angalia hailed the residents for being patient and heeding to the call that was made to safeguard their lives during the crisis. He further applauded the leaders of the area for taking charge during the crisis and advising their people not to risk using the road.


Thursday, June 6, 2024