DCAO urges subcounty chiefs to be in charge of their posts

The SAS/Town Clerk in Kibaale have been tasked to man their Sub Counties with Authority.

The call was made by the Deputy CAO Kibaale Habib Abubakar during the Quarterly meeting held in CAO’s boardroom where all the Sub Counties and Town Council were represented.  Abubakar says as Accounting Officers they need to be in the know of whatever is happening at their respective stations for effective service delivery.

 In the same meeting the CAO urged the SAS and Town Clerk to utilize the Communications Office for harmony and promotion of government programs as they embrace the usage of suggestion boxes at their stations as a new district policy that will enhance communication for development. 

The Officers cited understaffing in their Sub Counties, improper growth of ACDP in-puts as it worries farmers about the yield they will get and delay in arrival of ACDP in-puts.

For steady progress they D/CAO promised to act immediately and solve understaffing and also he is to follow-up on the ACDP to ensure productivity.

In his closing remarks he challenged the Officers to follow-up on the usage of PHC funds at Health facilities in their Sub Counties and Town Council.


Monday, September 21, 2020