“We are going to budget more for prevention and sensitization for FY 2021/22 as we continue to wedge the war against COVID-19” the CAO Kibaale has said.
Dorothy Ajwang who is the Chief Administrative Officer Kibaale made the remarks during the launch of COVID-19 vaccination in the district yesterday at Kibaale Health Center IV, before different stakeholders that include; the Deputy RDC Kibaale Carol Kashaija, District Chairperson Peter Amara, Dr. Dorothy Byaruhanga from World Health Organization-Albertine Region, the District staff among other stakeholders.
Dorothy urged all stakeholders to avoid laxity as it will create more harm, stressing that as leaders they ought to protect their communities by coming up with strategies that will help mitigate in any case and avoid fresh break out and spread in the district. She further hinted on the need to budget more for sensitization and prevention activities for FY 2021/22 as a way of fully supporting the fight.
Godfrey Timbihulira the DHO Kibaale says that slightly over 1,000 people will receive the vaccine since only 2,800 doses of the vaccine were got from the Ministry of Health. He says first priority goes to the health workers, then the elderly and those with other serious health complications.
He stated that the district will have four vaccination stations that include Mugarama HC III, Maisuuka HC III, Kyebando HC III and Kibaale HC IV. However, he says that one needs to have with him or her as they go for the vaccine the following; National ID, Passport, driving or work permit and further reminded the congregation that the shot is given on voluntary consent.
With 40,607 cases of COVID-19 and 334 death Dr. Dorothy Byaruhanga from World Health Organization-Albertine Region urged the population to embrace the exercise.
While delivering his remarks Peter Amara the District Chairperson cautioned the residents to be on the alert, asserting that COVID-19 still prevails and challenged them to observe SOPs that have been put in place by the government
“With no death registered in the district we are proud and we must keep holding onto our principles and positive attitude as we take the fight forward” asserted Carol Kashaija the Deputy RDC Kibaale during the function.
She says that the district has the tools and manpower in place to begin the vaccination and commended the public to use the demarcated vaccination areas, as she further tasked the health workers to help demystify the myth surrounding the vaccine and mobilize the community to accept the vaccine.

Friday, June 4, 2021