MAISUKA Health Center Commended for Work done


Those words were made by the Deputy CAO Kibaale Habib Abubakar as he gave his remarks during a community engagement meeting held at Maisuka Health Centre III in the newly formed Kyakazihire Sub County, and the function was graced by Dr. Andrew Kasangaki for the DHO, Mukurasi Mutagura the Sub County Chairperson, the Health Centre staff and the community members. With a population of over 10,000 people the health facility that has existed for more than a year now has continued to render various services to the community among which is antenatal and postnatal, HIV/AIDs testing and counseling, malaria treatment among others. By the time of visit the In-charge at the facility informed the Deputy CAO that more than 60 mothers had already been helped to deliver and more than 650 patients had been worked on in the first week of December. Wilfred Katuhaise the In-Charge Maisuka Health Centre III stressed before Mr. Habib the need to formally secure the land where the facility seats as he explained his fear of future inconveniences incase the legal documents are not secured. He further said that the poor road network hinders movement of patients in-case they are referred to better health centers, siting a case where a mother was referred to Kibaale HC IV but the tricycle ambulance couldn’t penetrate through the heavy muddy road, just like the motor vehicle ambulance could and at the end the baby was lost but the mother saved, so he appealed for consideration as they plan for roads.Welcomed by a vibrant facility staff and the community, the Deputy CAO hailed the community for its support to the medical staff and further challenged the health center staff to continue exhibiting the selfless service they have so far exhibited while serving the community of Kyakazihire. Addressing the issue of the poor road to the facility he says that in the meantime the district is thinking of spot marruming. In his closing remarks he called for professionalism of the staff as they serve the residents of the area.

Dr. Andrew Kasangaki who represented the DHO told the community members  that they put their lives at risk when they use traditional birth attendants and askedthem to seek for services of trained personnel at the facility. He pledged to follow up on the issues of the hospital land since some of it was purchased by the DirectorEMESCO Development Foundation Dr. Emily JP Kugonza.Challenged by the way some politicians are relating with the medical staff at the facility, Mukurasi Mutagura the Chairperson Bubango Sub County Called for sanity and tasked politicians in the area to observe the law and guard against being caught on the wrong side of the law.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020