NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT NOISE STANDARDS AND CONTROL REGULATIONS 2003(under sec 28 and 107 of the Env act cap 153).*

1. Local Councils are empowered to enforce and ensure compliance as well as investigate complaints related to noise.

2. Local Councils are also empowered to prohibit the continuation of undesirable activities which cause noise beyond permissible levels.

3. No person shall emit noise if it is clearly audible at a point of reception in the neighborhood for more than 2 minutes.

4. Yelling, laughing loudly, whistling, advertising by way of amplified sound, are all prohibited in residential areas.

5. A Local Council may permit operation of an electric device or loud speakers for the purpose of creating public awareness, political debates and public hearings. Cultural activities, parties and funerals can also be permitted by the local councils to emit higher then accepted noise levels for a period of one day, between 6.00am to 1100pm.

6. Any person or group of persons may lodge a noise complaint to the Env Ex Director, or local council about noise. The environmental inspector shall issue an improvement notice to the offender.

7. An environment inspector, EX director or local council may seize or confiscate tools or instruments of noise. The owner shall be responsible for the costs of confiscation. The owner can have his property back, if he writes to the local council, who will take a decision if satisfied with action taken.

8. A person who emits noise in excess of permissible levels, neglects or fails to comply with any order issued, obstructs a member of the local council in the execution of his duties, commits an offence and is liable to a fine between 180,000/- and 18million UGX or a prison term of 18 months or both.

9. Maximum permissible noise levels;

Residential mixed with commercial areas

Day time: 55 Decibels Night time: 45 decibels

55 decibels is equal to a teacher speaking in a class room of about 50 students.

45 decibels is equal to sound of someone speaking in a room whereby those outside the room cannot hear.

Places of worship and entertainment places: Day time: 60 decibels, night time: 40 decibels

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