Interregional Activity Project Campaign LAUNCHED IN KIBAALE DISTRICT

Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) a non-government Organization in partnership with Kibaale district Local Government has launched and commenced to implement a 5-year Interregional Activity Project campaign with an aim of minimizing the impact of HIV status among the adolescents and youths from 0 to 35 years respectively.


According to Joseph Matovu the District Development Community Officer Kibaale the organization targets 2,014 youths and children.


He says, Kibaale has been selected with other 9 districts that are to benefit from the program and among other intentions of the program is to strengthen and sustain cases of HIV/AIDS identification, improve retention access to HIV treatment and enhance quality of life and socio-economic stability among others in tadolescents and youths.

He revealed this after a 3day inception meeting that was held at Premium Hotel -Kibaale and was attended by CDOs, Deputy DISO, Heads of departments, In- charges of both Anti-Clinics and Health facilities, local political leaders led by LC5 chairperson.

Gerald Bategeka the Vice District Chairperson who represented the District Chairperson Kibaale expressed challenges that are leading to the spread of HIV including ignorance, carelessness, drug abuse therefore cautioned the public embrace the victims of the scorch and advise them on how to overcome and live better lives.

Frugensio Kobusheshe the Deputy DISO Kibaale who delivered on behalf of the RDC, called upon leaders to sensitize the community about the existence of HIV/AIDS, testing for HIV/AIDS  and how to avoid contracting and spreading it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023