Kasambya Primary School

Found in Bwamiramira Sub County the School was founded by the Community under the Catholic Church in 1993.
Its currently enrollment is 452 pupils that are managed by a team of 9 teachers led by Paulina Namukisa as the Head Teacher (paulinanamukisa@gmail.com) or (0782448690).
The School that has seen a tremendous boost in the last 5 years has 7 classes,
with some learners still having to have their lessons in semi-permanent structures, however the District is employing all efforts to see that schools
is built to the required appealing standard to create a safe and harmonious learning environment.

Is the Universe continues to cry for the restoration of mother nature, the school has also involved in tree planting to save and restore the environment.
The School that has a PLE sitting Centre, under the leadership of Mrs. Paulina, the learners participate in all co-curricular activities as organized by the
District that include ball games, athletics and MDD.

In order to help the learners get involved in learning other skills and knowledge the School has clubs that include; Debating club, Health Club, Gardening club, Girl Guiding and Scouting.
The Community has played a big role in the development of the School by giving total support physically, spiritually and socially.